I really wanted to theme earring dress for my trip to Iceland.  Good thing about being an earring lover, you do not have to pack such a big suitcase!  I did not know much about Iceland, other than aurora borealis, fish, Viking culture, Game Of Thrones locations (Jon Snow and Ygritte forever), epic scenery, long drives, expensive gas, and little horses.  Maybe I did know a thing to two.  What I didn’t know, Iceland has a bajillion waterfalls.  All are shockingly breathtaking.  I really got into my Zen Zone when we stopped to listen and follow the water down stream.


Every day consisted of driving the long roads with waterfalls from every direction.  I must have seen 100 rainbows.  There comes a time when you just have to put down the camera and look at all the surrounding beauty.  

John and I had packed cold weather clothing for late September.  We ended up wearing the same few items through out our trip.  Pants, vest, rain coat, hiking boots, scarf.  This hindered my theme earrings on occasion. 

I thrive on earring themes.  When I needed something that resembled ice, but was not a heavy resin chunk, I asked a special effects / prop master named Tim for some guidance.  The next day he showed up on set with silicone “ice”.  Incredibly fragile but my eyes lit up with excitement and inspiration.  Feeding a thin needle through the silicone could cause a split very easily, but I was willing to travel with the earrings like precious cargo.

When we reached the planned Ice Cave, I brought out my ICEland earrings.  They were perfect.  I had my husband holding my hand, the sun on my face, ice pick shoes on my feet, and so much happiness gushing through my veins.  A moment which reminded me of why life is to be enjoyed.  It was time for the precious cargo to have their close up.