• ICEland

    I really wanted to theme earring dress for my trip to Iceland.  Good thing about being an earring lover, you do not have to pack such a big suitcase!  I did not know much about Iceland, other than aurora borealis, fish, Viking culture, Game Of Thrones locations (Jon Snow and Ygritte forever), epic scenery, long drives, expensive gas, and little horses.
  • Shelley and The Rose Bar

    A few months after seeing Lady Gaga in Vegas, her band leader, Brian Newman, was opening the new Rose Bar at the Gramercy Hotel.  My friend Cappuccino insisted I go see the show.  I had just purchased a new jumpsuit from Nooworks, and decided to take it out on the town. 

fundangler's musings

I am often inspired by random moments in life.  Here, I share why I put heart shaped pictures of Kevin Costner on bachelorette earrings, and what it was like to not receive one applause in a “talent” contest.