I started Fundanglers in September of 2018 after making a set of earrings for my sister’s bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas.  This wasn’t the first bachelorette party I had adorned, but it was the event that encouraged me to start a business after 20 years of making earrings.

I have always made earrings to dress up an outfit and sometimes the earrings are the outfit, but whatever is worn, it always looks better with some Fundanglers.  

Colors, shapes, people passing by, trees, rivers, forest birds, clothing, sequins, underwater, sunrise and sunsets, give me all the visuals and I will make a pair of earrings inspired by my surroundings.  I once made a pair that were inspired by some one’s story of her croissant making abilities.  Delicious. 

All my earrings are made by my hands, in my apartment, or on my lap, or wherever I can find a flat surface to create from my imagination.  I source my beads, charms, statement pieces, stones, and glass from everywhere, but most chains and findings are purchased here in NYC at the various bead stores  around the garment district. I work as a licenced EMT in New York State, but spend most of my work days as a Set Medic on Film, Television, & Commercials in the TriState Area. 


To read more about my inspirations, or the behind-the-scenes of Fundanglers read through my musings